Cut & Ship


Cut & Ship

Do you need a high production, precision cutting job completed NOW? At Mid Valley Metals, we pride ourselves on the ability to provide you with incredibly fast turnaround on precision cut and ship parts that don't require additional forming or detailing. Our amazing machines can cut everything from .002 inch shim stock up to 1 inch alloy steel. Using the fastest and most precise laser cutters in the business, we focus on high production runs, speed, and quality.

We promise that your order will be delivered fast, regardless of where you are located. Headquartered in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, Mid Valley Metals routinely ships to clients in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and California and can easily accommodate customers in other areas. 

Mid Valley Metals is the industry leader in fast, high volume, precision cutting jobs.


Software enables precision.

CHALLENGE: To reduce set up time to form parts, plan tooling to be used and standardize forming sequence.

APPLICATION: Use Bysoft bending software to create repeatable CNC programs to define tooling, setup and reduce bending errors.

RESULTS: Bysoft 7 is a cutting and bending software suite that delivers complete design to forming capability. By utilizing Solidworks modeling MVM is able to import most known file formats to populate production prints, generate an immediate flat pattern for our lasers, and export a forming program directly to the press brake. This system reduces engineering time, flat pattern inaccuracies and press brake programming time.

Tooling saves money.

CHALLENGE: To reduce part cost by designing special tooling to form a large radius on a family of enclosure panels.

APPLICATION: Our engineering group designed a special large radius form punch and box die to form a large radius on a panel in 1 stroke as opposed to a 25 stroke step bend.

RESULTS: We realized a 7½ minute savings in time to form. This greatly reduced the part cost and we passed those savings on to the customer.


"Price & Lead time on this project was more than reasonable. Cut & finish quality were excellent. Installation templates were very helpful. The sign was a big hit at Stonewood’s recent open house. Customer is Very Satisfied with the end result. Mid Valley Metals has cut a number of projects for me in the past & has done a great job on everything. On the rare occasion there is any kind of problem, Mid Valley has gone out of their way to make it right. Or by helping to repair a sign that was damaged after falling due to wind and weather."

-Tony Pfaff






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