Prototype Modeling & Design


Prototype Modeling & Design

Mid Valley Metals doesn't just focus on high quality, high speed, and large volume production. Our team of highly skilled designers can take your prototype design from concept to reality. Whether you have a hand drawn sketch, a 3D model, or need an existing part duplicated, Mid Valley Metals uses the best software in the industry to insure that your prototype is designed to incredibly precise standards.

Because our systems are so advanced, we are able to maintain a lean and nimble staff to quickly respond to all of your modeling and design needs while keeping costs in check. Once your part is designed, Mid Valley Metals keeps your prototype designs on hand allowing us to access it quickly when you need it again.


Accuracy Through Technology.

CHALLENGE: To take human error out of flat pattern development.

APPLICATION: Use Solidworks modeling and unfold software to create automated part flat patterns.

RESULTS: By using new software to create bend sequences and flat patterns, the engineering team has been able to further automate flat pattern generation as well as consolidate all bend data into a single place that is easy to access and update as needed.

JobBoss, Solidworks 2015, Autocad 2015, and Bysoft 7 Cut and Bend. This software uses the data recorded by engineering to generate the proper bend deduction and flat pattern geometry so there is very little opportunity for error.

High-tech Quality Assurance.

CHALLENGE: Reduce inspection time for complex parts that have critical dimensions or close tolerance features

APPLICATION: Utilize a programmable flexible arm, Coordinate Measuring Machine, that measures parts in 3D. Additionally, an inspection report can be generated to reflect actual measurements against listed dimensions and tolerances.

RESULTS: Our Coordinate Measuring Machine allows us to quickly and accurately verify that your parts are exactly within tolerance. We can check the actual measurements against the model, eliminating the potential for human error and ensuring that your job meets the highest standards of accuracy.


"Mid Valley Metals has worked with me over the years to help grow my product line and my business.  With Quality parts and great customer service, doing business with them is a pleasure."

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